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Richard Peterson, Founder & President

Richard Peterson started Richard's Fence in 1968 installing fence for Montgomery Wards and Sears. Richard began wholesaling fence products in 1972 and stopped installing fence in 1974 so he could concentrate on wholesaling and enter into manufacturing. He purchased his first weaving machine that year and began supplying the local area fence installers. Richard’s Fence enjoyed steady growth in sales and in manufacturing capacity. In 1984 Richard’s Fence moved to their current location in Akron, OH, a five acre building that has allowed Richard’s Fence to continue to grow. Richard was one of the founders of the Northern Ohio Chapter of the American Fence Association (AFA). He has also been an active member with the Chain Link Manufacturers Institute, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the Wire Association International, and ASTM.

Bill Peterson, Vice-President

Bill Peterson began working at Richard's Fence at the age of 12 cleaning up pipe bands for a penny each. He worked many different jobs part time for the company, until he graduated college in 1986. During college he spent 3 summers installing fence to better understand the installation portion of the business. Bill was named Vice-President of Richard’s Fence in 1990. Bill is a Certified Fence Professional by the AFA. He has been president of the Northern Ohio AFA, a Governor of the National AFA, and a two-term Director of the National AFA. He is a voting member of ASTM and on the Technical Support Team for the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute.

Eric Peterson, Plant Manager

Eric Peterson began working at Richard's Fence right out of high school in 1985. He was trained on the operation and maintenance of all manufacturing equipment. Eric and Richard working together have developed new and more efficient ways to produce wire and fence fabric. Eric is a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Wire Association International.