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In 2010 Richard’s Fence purchased PreTied Tie of Cleveland Ohio. We now offer the industry's most complete line of pretied ties and hook ties available in standard or clad in black, brown, or green vinyl, with other colors available on request. Crafted from ductile aluminum or soft steel, our pretied ties and hook ties are the faster, stronger and more efficient solution to your fencing needs.

Tests have proven that installers can save 20% of labor costs by using American made PRETIED™ ties over hookties! Contact Us today for details.

PRETIED™ Advantages:

  • Faster and easier than hook ties because you secure them to the fence by closing only one end.
  • Stronger than conventional tie wires.
  • Made of clean, non-scrap ductile aluminum or soft steel.
  • Now making ties up to 36” long from aluminum or steel.
  • Immediate delivery with guaranteed quality.

  1. Thread and position pre-formed end to left side of link point.
  2. Turn from left to right securing pre-formed end to link point.
  3. Bend shank over top rail with thumb and curl end with pliers.