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Prices Continue to Rise.

Saturday, May 08, 2021

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”  Charles R. Swindell

To say this year has been “challenging” may be an understatement.   All facets of business have been disrupted in one way or another.  Major and frequent price increase on materials without warning.  Shortages on raw materials, chemicals, and packaging materials, all with extended lead times.  Freight rates have doubled, and it is difficult to secure equipment, sometimes taking weeks to find a truck to ship material.  Difficulties finding employees along with keeping your current staff healthy and safe.

Since September 21st, 2020, we have received 11 price increases from our pipe and tubing supplier for a total of a 98% increase.  Their lead times have increase to 8 to 12 weeks with no end in sight.   Wire rod is up 50% since this time but we are expecting a 15% increase in June along with sever shortages.  Depending on where we source fittings, increases range from 25% to 100%. 

As of today, May 8th, 2021, our 2020 Wholesale Fence Catalog prices are increased by the following percentages.

  • 84% - Galvanized & Vinyl Coated Pipe & Tubing
  • 50% - Chain Link Fence – Galvanized, Aluminized, & Vinyl Coated
  • 34% - Fittings & Attachments – Aluminum, Galvanized & Vinyl Coated (some fittings have gone up more depending on the source and availability)

Be careful quoting any large products because we expect these prices to continue to change without any prior notice. 

Best regards,

Bill Peterson