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Pricing Drops as Does Economy

Monday, August 01, 2022

Dear valued customers,

We have lowered pricing in our Wholesale Fence Catalog as of 8/1/22.  Chain link fence is down 5% since our May catalog and tubing, SS20, and SS40 have dropped by over 20%.  Import Sch40 and fittings have not changed.  To download our catalog, click on 2022 Wholesale Catalog on the right/center of our home page and then enter the password.

Steel pricing is dropping quickly, and we expect more decreases in the coming months.  We have a pretty good stock of material and lead times have shortened.  We have also started to accept some of those special jobs so if you need brown or white fabric, we will weave it for you.  Please send us your list of material and we will quote your project.

Best regards,

Bill Peterson