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Additional Increases and Shortages

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

I have never been one to fall in with the Chicken Little horde.  In the business world this sales approach is typically used to motivate you to purchase more material than you need or to justify sudden price increase on the materials that you do need.  

But we find ourselves in a business climate of rapidly increasing prices and shortages on many raw materials used to make fence products.  I just received this announcement from our tubing manufacturer this afternoon.

“Material availability and costs continue rising rapidly and to historic levels. Upon publication of this notice, our pricing for Fence and Mechanical products is up 10%. All orders received and accepted after publication will be confirmed at the new price.”

Not only has our wire rod prices continued to increase, but our production is beginning to outpace the rate of delivery due to manufacturing and trucking problems from our suppliers.   

On February 22, 2021, we will be forced to increase prices on products in our 2020 Wholesale Fence Price Catalog.  Add the following percentage to the prices in our catalog;

  • 58% to Galvanized & Coated Pipe, Post and Tubing prices.
  • 35% to Chain Link Fence including Aluminized, Galvanized & Vinyl Coated and all wire products (barbed wire, tension wire etc.)
  • 20% to all other items not covered above.

We continue to be very busy and have limited product.  All orders will be review before we can accept them, and some products may not be available. 

As soon as we see any signs of stability, we will update our Wholesale Fence Price Catalog.

Thank you for your continued support,

Bill Peterson